PLATE FS? 14 Custom number plates spotted in Bloemfontein


MJ Lourens

Bloemfontein – You see them everywhere – custom number plates. Some have initials or nicknames, others describe a love for something, a nickname and others are just odd.

A Bloemfontein resident, Nico Gous, makes it his business to snap all the custom number plates that he can and post them to his Instagram account.

The hobbie which began in 2013 entails posting these pictures with witty, funny comments about each plate. Here are 16 of the number plates snapped – some with their original captions.

PS: After a phone call about the number plates we’d like to clarify that this post was done in a lighthearted spirit, and a fun way to share curated content to the readers.

1. Iceman

2. Leke man, lekka.

3. A mover & shaker

4. Teacher be teaching.

5. We can see you! 

6. But should you be driving then?

7. Cool. Cooler. Kwaai!

8. Just clarifying the age for EVERYONE!

9. In my humble opinion… 

10. What’s for dinner?

11. EDIT: Removed upon request.

12. Ama-come again?

13. Oh snap!

14. That awkward moment in traffic when you see this…