Pipe leak on the main line near Leeuwkop junction


Residents of Mangaung Metro are hereby notified about an emergency pipe leak near the Leeuwkop junction that needs immediate attention to prevent the pipe from bursting.

According to a statement from Mangaung Metro, both Mangaung and Bloemwater’s technical teams will be filling the reservoirs to capacity to avoid any water shortage during repairs. The filling of reservoirs will allow repairs to continue without interruption of water supply. The Operations and Maintenance team will start repairing the pipe leak from 23:00 on Wednesday 02 October 2019. The duration of the pipe leak repair is approximately 36 hours and should be concluded latest by Friday evening, 4 October 2019.  Water tankers have been put on standby should any area be affected.

Mangaung Metro would like to apologise in advance for the inconvenience this may cause.