Photos: Water wasting in Bloemfontein


A letter from Elrika Hassett, a business owner in Short Street, Hilton, Bloemfontein:

" This is pictures of the entrance to our business in Short Street, Hilton, Bloemfontein. The municipality had a contractor replacing water meters in our street about 3 weeks ago and has been left in this state right at the entrance to our premises.

Clean water is flowing rapidly down the street in a time where water restrictions are implemented. We have phoned to make the municipality aware of this situation but with no result.

This situation is unsafe as no health and safety procedures were followed. We are unable to take clients into the premises as it pose a risk to our business and employees. The flats above have lots of small children playing all around and this "water hole" is deep and an accident in waiting. Please help me in getting this fixed as this is our tax money disappearing down the drain.

I am unable to tolerate the wastage and unsafe conditions any longer and would appreciate any assistance solving this matter. "

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