Photo’s: Medal Parade for Battle of Bangui Soldiers at Tempe


Owen Kock

Bloemfontein. – During an emotional ceremony at the Tempe Military Base in Bloemfontein, 121 medals were conferred by the chief of the South African National Defence Force, Solly Shoke on soldiers who fought in the Battle of Bangui.

Members received bravery medals for displaying acts of heroism during the battle. Here’s some pictures of the parade.

Troops standing on attention.

Another salute.

General Solly Shoke.

Soldiers receive their medals from General Shoke.

The Military Band enter the Tempe Sports Ground.

The Military Band in full swing.

Soldiers march pass.

Soldier on his way to collect his medal.



And…. so the medal parade came to an end. Photo’s: OWEN KOCK