Photo’s: Faculties at UFS welcome first year students


Owen Kock

Bloemfontein. – The official welcoming of the 2015 first-years will take place on Friday 16 January 2015 at 18:00 in front of the Main Building on the Bloemfontein Campus.

The welcoming of 2015 first-years by the various faculties will take place from 09:00 on Saturday 17 January 2015 at the different faculties.

• Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences in the EMS Auditorium
• Faculty of Education in the New Education Building
• Faculty of Health Sciences in the Kovsie Church
• Faculty of the Humanities in the Odeion
Session 1 – 09:00 ; Session 2 – 11:00
• Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences in the Wynand Mouton theatre
• Biological groups in the Wynand Mouton theatre
• Agricultural programmes in the Agriculture Building, LG 1, 2 en 3
• Consumer Sciences in the Agriculture Building, LG 4
• Physics and Chemistry in the Chemistry Building, CEM 108
• Information Technology in WWG 114
• Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in WWG 226
• Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Sciences in the West Block, W111
• Geography in GEO 1,5
• Geology in the Main Lecture Hall 1
• Architecture in the Architecture Building
• Faculty of Law in the CR Swart Auditorium
• Faculty of Theology in the H van der Merwe Scholtz Hall 10 (HMS 10)

Here are some of the scenes at the university this morning.

Senior students assisted first year students.

The long walk as Kovsies begin.

A fair amount of parents came to say their goodbyes to their young ones.

Last minute advice from mom and dad.

Checking texts before officially becoming a Kovsie.

Dad and mom get glimpse into future of their daughter.

Mom Dolores Boughan and daughter Liechen waiting to be briefed.

Photo’s: OWEN KOCK