PHOTOS: Courant supports young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs from all over the Free state came together last Friday to show off their business skills at the sand du plessis Entrepreneurs’ Day at sand du plessis high school. Kiara govender and Juothi Balasar from Curro Bloemfontein were some of exhibitors selling currie, rotis and other Indian delights at their stall, garam Masala. PHOTOA: MARICELLE BOTHA

Young business minds came together on Friday to show off their entrepreneurial skills as they participated in the annual Twizza Sand du Plessis Entrepreneurs’ Day at Sand du Plessis High School. More than 100 stalls were built by learners taking part. In addition to the Sand du Plessis participants, learners as far as Welkom came to enjoy this special day. The winners walked away with good prize money. The group, Take Five, as well as the school’s own Sannies Idols made for great entertainment. The Cheetahs also popped in on the day and proud fans could take pictures with the heroes of the Currie Cup.