Photo Gallery: Bfn fire leaves one injured

Photos: Pierce van Heerden

A woman was transported to hospital this morning after a fire had broken out at the Devon Court Flats in Raymond Mhlaba Street, Bloemfontein. Chris Lamprecht from the Mangaung Fire and Rescue department told Bloemfontein Courant that the flat where the fire started is extensively damaged and the flat adjacent to it has been damaged by water. He said the first crew that arrived at the scene entered the flat by breaking through the ceiling.

“One person was injured but it doesn’t not look as if she has any burn wounds. She is only suffering from smoke inhalation” he explained.

When Bloemfontein Courant arrived on the scene many of the residents were standing outside in shock while fire fighters were extinguishing the fire.

Lamprecht said that at this stage they cannot say what had caused the fire and a preliminary report might take up to a week to conclude. He added that this time of the year, due to the cold weather conditions, people start using electrical appliances to keep warm and sometimes forget to put them off.

Sazly Hartzenberg