Phelane Community Project making a difference during lockdown

Phelane Phelane

The Phelane Community Project has been on the frontline helping not only the needy in Bloemfontein, but across South Africa.

The non-governmental organisation has donated 4500 food parcels as well as assisting learners with skill development during the national lockdown.
Phelane Phelane, founder of the organisation, who has been involved in community work since 2018, says that he must help community members in need as they are homeless and he knows the pain of not having any food on the table.

Phelane has not only served the Free State during the epidemic but also other provinces in the country. “I’m giving back to the community by providing food parcels to homeless people in different areas because I understand that without having food on the table can lead to a life of crime,” said Phelane.

Phelane who lives in Phelindaba, Bloemfontein also helps almost 9000 special learners in about seven provinces in the country to stay out of trouble through his community project which focuses on arts and crafts.

His community project also aims to promote active involvement of underprivileged learners and students within the organisation by linking them to the relevant private sector companies and government departments for experiential work.

The organisation is operating from Bloemfontein where their headquarters are situated. They also have offices in the North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Lesotho.
For more information or to get involved in community work, call Phelane on 073 3929 447.

Pierce van Heerden