Petrol up by one cent in August, diesel drops by four cents

South Africans gathered in their numbers outside National Treasury in Tshwane during the march. Photo: Twitter @FreedomMVMT_SA

The Department of Energy has confirmed that the price of all grades of fuel, bar diesel, would increase come Wednesday, August first.

Contrary to the report released by the Automobile Association (AA) last week, petrol will go up by one cent a litre and illuminating paraffin by four cents, while diesel will drop by four cents a litre with the department attributing the minor increase to a faltering Rand and falling international oil prices.

The Automobile Association (AA) has predicted a much needed reprieve for motorists reeling from the succession of petrol price hikes, by announcing a minuscule increase for August.

“After several successive fuel price increases, motorists and other fuel users are due a breather, and the general stability of the fuel price during July will come as a relief to many,” the AA said.

“Even though international oil prices showed a slight upward trend towards the end of July, motorists’ budgets would probably remain under pressure for the rest of the year. This year has been a year of volatility in the fuel price, and the see-sawing Rand and oil price suggest that caution should be the watchword in our households.”

Earlier today, Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa), together with other civil action groups under the Freedom Movement banner, and residents, marched to the National Treasury in Tshwane. They were calling for a reduced fuel levy and an independent inquiry into the Road Accident Fund (RAF).

Auto Dealer / Bloemfontein Courant