Petrol increase to heavily affect consumers

PHOTO: iStock

An economist says South Africans should tighten their belts and consider alternative modes of transport following reports of a looming fuel price hike.

Mike Schussler says the increase in fuel is certainly going to put pressure on consumers.

He says early predictions by the Energy Department is that motorists can expect to pay 49 cents more per liter for petrol, while diesel is going up by between 30 and 32 cents per litre and paraffin by 34 cents per liter is heavily going to affect consumers.

Schussler adds that the average consumer who uses about 140 litres of petrol, will pay now roughly R70 more than what they normally pay for petrol.

Schussler adds that this increase is unnecessary and is a clear indication how politics and economics can affect the man on the street.

The fuel increases are effective as of 3 May.

Katleho Morapela- Courant News