Pensioner (64) targeted by suspected fake cops


The police have issued a stern warning to residents after a 64-year-old woman from Welkom became the latest victim of the ‘smearing scam’ that has seen people being defrauded of their money. The Welkom Police registered a case after the elderly woman was allegedly defrauded of R25 000 by suspected fake cops.
“Residents are warned to avoid people who approach them and claim that they are smeared with a black substance. If you find yourself in that situation, shout for help or do not cooperate with anyone who claims that that he will take you the Police Station. Do not allow anyone to consult police officers on your behalf. Instead, insist on meeting police officials yourself,” stated the SAPS.
According to the victim, on Wednesday 26 May 2019 at about 11:00, she was walking alone from Ubank in Bok Street, Welkom when an unknown adult male approached her and told her that she was smeared. The victim noticed that she was indeed smeared and the unknown man then identified himself as a police detective as he was not wearing a uniform. She said he insisted that she has been marked by thugs and if she does not let him assist her, she would lose all her money in her bank account.
The suspect then pointed to a white unmarked vehicle with GP registration plates and told the elderly woman to go with them to the police station. When the victim got inside the vehicle, there was another male and a female who took out what looked like appointment card with the police logo on it.
The suspects then drove with the victim to Welkom Police Station. When they got there one suspect got out of the vehicle and went into the station. The suspect then came back and told the victim that his commander had instructed him to tell the lady that she should withdraw all her money from her account within 5 hours or else the money would disappear.
The victim indeed withdrew her money and the suspects told her that they are going to keep it safe for her at the station. The suspects then dropped the victim at her place of residence in Kutlwanong, Odendaalsrus, and drove off.
The victim realised that she has been defrauded and reported the incident to the police and a case of fraud was registered for further investigation. The suspects are still at large. Residents with any information are encouraged to contact Detective-Sergeant Malefetsane Tilo of the Welkom Detective Services on 060-304-3572.