Pelonomi management awaits security updated report

The management of Pelonomi Hospital is awaiting a security report from the South African Police Services (Saps) and other relevant stakeholders that will indicate if additional security measures implemented recently are sufficient.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Baesi Ramodula says the hospital, considered one of the largest in the Free State is naturally a security risk due to its location. The hospital is flanked by Heidedal and Bochabela Townships.

As a result, the hospital has engaged local councillors in the above-mentioned residential areas regarding limiting the number of gates and doors that can be accessed at night. Ramodula expands on this further.

She urges community members to also exercise greater caution when in the hospital.

In June 2019, an intern doctor at Pelonomi, bit off a part Vice Olivier’s tongue as he attempted to assault the 24-year-old doctor while she was resting in one of the overnight staff quarters.

Recently, OFM News revealed Olivier has been declared a state patient and will as a result not stand trial. It is reported he has been placed at the Free State Psychiatric Complex.