Pedestrian injured in Navalsig accident

The scene of this morning's accident in Raymond Mhlaba Street in Navalsig. PHOTO: CORN KOTELI

A patient is currently receiving medical assistance after he was hit by a vehicle in Raymond Mhlaba Street in Navalsig, Bloemfontein.

A witness who would like to remain anonymous, alleges that the driver lost control of his vehicle while he was dodging a taxi, reports OFM News.

The vehicle then hit the side of a truck and crossed over to the other side where it hit a man who was crossing the road. The victim sustained minor injuries to his head. An investigation will follow.

During the analysis of the scene by the police and emergency medical services, including ER24 and VR Med, there was a commotion between the driver of the vehicle and relatives of the patient.

This was because the relatives of the patient demanded that the driver be incarcerated immediately due to fears that he may escape.

This is a developing story.