Peaceful protest ends off World Week for Animals in Laboratories



Over 100 million animals are tortured, mutilated and killed in laboratories worldwide every year, and in the wake of World Week for Animals in Laboratories a local animal activists group will host a peaceful protest at the University of the Free State tomorrow.

Organiser Frantzeska Tyrannes says the protest aims to bring awareness to community in Bloemfontein about the plight of animal testing and cruelty.

"What we are trying to do is bring an awareness in Bloemfontein as to what exactly is happening around the world. This will be the first protest and the next will be against genetically modified seeds and chemically induced foods," she says.

Tyrannes says more than 30 people will be attending the protest, where people will be informed of using alternative methods towards humane research without harming animals.

"We would like people to be more aware of what they are eating, where their products come from, the clothes they wear because animals are skinned alive in fur farms," she adds.

If you need any more further information, you can contact Frantzeska on Facebook: