‘Patala (pay) or be evicted’ – Mangaung

Members of the public in Mangaung can look forward to being educated on matters of the municipality, according to the Metro's speaker, Mxolisi Siyonzana.
The cash-strapped Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM) which includes Bloemfontein in the Free State, says its plans to evict non-paying tenants in some of the City’s residential flats are afoot.

The Municipal spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, in a statement explains that this in a bid to recoup all of the monies owed to the metro by non-paying tenants.  He says some of the matters have already been sent to the Metro’s attorneys to start with the eviction process.

He also adds that operation “Patala” (Pay) initiated by the Metro’s Human Settlement also seeks to recover monies from residents who were sold sites in Bloemside in the 1990s and have never paid the land costs amongst others. Khedama says all the eviction plans will be dealt with on merit.

“Operation Patala will focus on three areas, non-paying tenants in residential flats, Bloemside sites that were never paid and reallocation of informal sites sold to non-qualifying beneficiaries,” he adds. Khedama says the city will now be embarking on eviction applications in court. “Unemployed tenants will be required to present proof and a plan will be made to accommodate them alternative settlement sites owned by the city.

“There have been issues with non-paying tenants at Lourierpark Flats over the years and all necessary steps to inform tenants have been undertaken,” he further adds. Khedama says most of the occupants in Bloemside never paid the land costs with some residents having built houses and others have sold the sites to third parties.

He adds that through Operation Patala, the department will identify them and start collecting and failure to pay will lead to eviction. “People who are occupying unpaid sites in Bloemside have always received a communique from the municipality about the debt but have failed to come forward,” Khedama says.