Partial eclipse occurring between 9:30AM and 12:31


As we transcend into the new season of spring on 1 September, a new moon is also set to greet us.

An annual eclipse is set to appear and South Africans are going to get a chance to witness this phenomenon.

According to an Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon covers the sun’s centre, with the sun’s visible outer edges forming a “ring of fire” around the moon.

Phases and times of the annular eclipse in Bloemfontein:     


The Science of Annular Solar Eclipses – Annular solar eclipses take place when:

  • The moon is a new moon.
  • The moon is at or near a lunar node.
  • The earth, moon and sun are perfectly aligned in a straight line.

Click here to see an animation of the eclipse in Bloemfontein.

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