Parents’ HIV status now on children’s health booklets

Several parents have raised their concerns over a programme used by the Health Department.

The programme entails the writing of the HIV statuses of parents on their child’s Road to Health booklet.

OFM News had an exclusive interview with the Free State Director of Maternal and Child Health, Lumka Mangoejane, who confirmed that the department came up with this ideological thinking for the purpose of helping children who have been exposed to the virus.

According to Mangoejane, the purpose of this programme is to attend to such children easily whenever required and get them tested anytime. She revealed that previously, parents used to hide booklets which was a serious challenge to the department when a child became sick and needed treatment.

However, she stated that the department had never come across any claims from parents who are not happy about their HIV statuses registered in their child’s Road to Health booklet. Mangoejane added that the department is willing to ensure that even teachers in the crèches are taught to keep whatever they read in the booklets as confidential.

OFM News/Tumelo Khotha