Parents concerned after alleged attack at Meisieskool Oranje


Three groups of parents whose children attend school at the Meisieskool Oranje in Bloemfontein contacted OFM News to raise their concerns about learner safety at the school.

This follows allegations that a female learner was attacked in the bathrooms after sports practise on Monday afternoon.

However, it remains unclear where exactly between the primary and the secondary school the attack took place. Information given to OFM News so far suggests that the incident occurred at the high school, however, when OFM News contacted the secondary school this morning, we were referred to the primary school, which confirmed the incident and stated that the incident did, in fact, occur at the secondary school.

While it is confirmed that the incident took place, at this point details surrounding the attack remain sketchy. Unconfirmed reports state that the female learner was approached by an unknown man, armed with a broken bottle, while she was changing for hockey practise in the top bathrooms.

The unknown man allegedly attacked the learner with the broken bottle cap and the quick-thinking victim, whose hockey bat was nearby, used the bat to protect herself, prompting him to run away and escape over the fence to the crime-ridden Happy Valley. Girls practising on the netball courts allegedly heard her screams and the coaches ran to assist her.

Police spokesperson, Thabo Covane, told OFM News that neither the parents of the alleged victim nor the school had opened a criminal case at neither the Bayswater Police Station nor the Park Road Police Station. Free State Education spokesperson, Howard Ndaba, could not be reached for comment.

Pulane Choane / OFM News