Parents blame the KHC for toddler’s death 

Zoey Beckmann. Photo: Supplied.

Parents of the two-year-old toddler, Zoey Beckmann, who died at the Kimberley Hospital Complex (KHC), blame the hospital for their daughter’s death. Edward and Jo-Ann Beckmann told Courant that their daughter would have been alive should the medical practitioners at the hospital have been more attentive.

They allege their daughter was given the wrong medication. Little Zoey was admitted to the hospital on 24 January because of tonsillitis, fever, and ear infection. She later died in the hospital.

Jo-Ann says they have filed a negligence complaint at the provincial Department of Health. They have not yet had any reply from the department.

They added that all they want is justice for their daughter.

“We would like justice. We just want justice. This was negligence. We were the ones who realised that Zoey had passed out and was not responding. We were the ones who told them the child was turning blue. We were the once who said ‘sister this’, ‘doctor this and that’, I mean, it’s not our job. Basically, we just want them to admit that they have made a mistake. Their attitude was wrong.”

Edward and Jo-Ann Beckmann allege that they were denied copies of their late daughter’s admission documents at the hospital.

Edward says they have never encountered a problem at the hospital and have never had a problem with the provincial Department of Health until now.

The Beckmanns added that their family is not the same without their daughter, as she was the only child they had.

“The pain is just unbearable. We ask ourselves if this is really happening to us? Is our child really under the ground? Is this what our lives have come to?” asked Jo-Ann.

The spokesperson for the Provincial Department of Health, Lebohang Majaha, earlier said the investigation is continuing and they will soon contact the family.

Katleho Morapela/Courant News