Pappie wants to reconnect community with constitution

Pappie Mokoena, leader of the Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats

By running in the upcoming general elections former Executive Mayor of Mangaung, Pappie Mokoena, hopes to reconnect the community with the constitution and improve the quality of state services.
The leader of the Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats (AASD) says the government runs programmes on the basis of who will benefit from them instead of what will benefit the community. “So the community has become disconnected and there are more people who question the legitimacy of the government because it has become unresponsive,” said Mokoena.
The AASD held a presentation in Bochabela earlier this month, urging residents to pledge for loyal service according to the will of the people of South Africa. “The rights of citizens have been emasculated. The constitution says that there are certain fundamental human rights which are entrenched even in the Bill of Rights. More importantly, the government cannot do anything without participatory democracy and consultation. We see municipalities and government programmes which undermine that,” he said.
“For example, you cannot come up with a budget without consulting communities. That is why communities would actually trash things that are intended for them because they believe those things are not what they actually need,” Mokoena elaborated. The party maintains that an important part of the country’s democratic dispensation is effective participation of all its citizens in a pragmatic manner.
“It is the victimisation of people, people who were suspended and patriots who have refused to be coerced, that has eroded the capacity of the state to deliver. We need to do something about that. On the other hand, people in the services of education, health and prevention are overworked, dejected and despondent,” he said. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele