PA leader’s face-off with alleged drug dealers

Patriotic Alliance (PA) president, Gayton McKenzie. Photo: Pierce van Heerden

According Patriotic Alliance (PA) president, Gayton McKenzie, he came face to face with real danger today when he had to defend the rights of several aggrieved members of the Heidedal community in Bloemfontein after they have been “wrongfully evicted from their home” by an alleged drug dealer.

This after six females and one male made their way to the Bloemfontein head office of the Patriotic Alliance to raise their complaints after police allegedly send them home without answers.

McKenzie told Bloemfontein Courant this afternoon that the situation quickly got out of hand when he, together with PA members and his security personnel arrived at the house which the family was allegedly kicked out of. According to McKenzie one of the people at the house ran into the house to fetch “giant guns” and when he returned, he found that McKenzie’s bodyguards were also ready with their firearms. McKenzie said the man then surrendered, apologised and agreed that the family could move back into their home immediately.

“These drug dealers should not think that the community is stranded if they don’t get help from the police. The Patriotic Alliance is here. We want to fix the Free State and that is a promise I made and intend to keep,” said McKenzie.

According to McKenzie, drug dealers don’t care about the communities. “For as long as the drug dealers think that nothing is going to happen to them they are going to continue with what they are doing. So in order for us to fix Heidedal, we have got to start with the police station, and that is what I am planning to do. We will soon stage the biggest march to the police station ever,” said McKenzie. – Pierce van Heerden