Overflowing sewage ‘bad for business’

A flooded manhole has left a Bloemfontein business owner devastated. This despite months of efforts by André Venter, motor repair business owner in President Paul Kruger Avenue, Bloemfontein, to lodge complaints with the municipality.

The manhole is still open and is causing an unbearable smell which badly affects his business.

Venter says “the big manhole is in the tar road, which has started to disintegrate, creating a water sink. The sewage is also running over to the Maselspoort Subway Bridge, causing humidity at the bridge. Motorists usually turn around when they see the sewage. This has recently caused many accidents on that road.”

He further says this problem has lasted for over a year now. Municipality workers have come on several occasions to fix the manhole, but after a few days sewage are overflowing again.

In efforts to resolve the matter, he reported it to the municipality, the railway’s office, as well as the ANC offices. However, no permanent solution has been provided. He says he does not know if the problem stems from infrastructure or the unability to fix it.

Venter is pleading with the municipality to fix this problem for the sake of his business, his customers and Bloemfontein.

Qondile Khedama, spokesperson for the Mangaung Metro Municipality, told OFM News he will report this issue to his group to have a look at it and also deploy a team of municipal workers to go check the place where the sewage spillage is and to fix it.

OFM News/Marvin Ntsane