OSM Doctoral student selected for postgraduate movement analysis programme in US


Anchen Froneman, PhD-student at the Odeion School of Music (UFS), has been accepted into the Modular Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS), in New York (USA). This programme is a postgraduate certificate that is considered equivalent to a standard master’s degree program and successful completion earns the title of Certified Movement Analyst (CMA). Anchen’s attendance of the first module of the program from 1 to 17 June 2015 is made possible by a Postgraduate Scholarship granted by the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust.

The participation in the CMA Programme stems from her multidisciplinary doctoral research project as well as a personal interest in the ways that body movement contributes to a holistic musical performance. In her research project, she investigates the application of Laban Movement Studies towards obtaining embodied, integrative piano performances. Laban Movement Studies is an approach whereby both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of body movement is analysed, codified and developed using specific considerations. This somatic approach uses a framework based on the personal uniqueness and complexity embedded in human movement and explains and develops the organization of the body, the position and relation of the body to itself, space and other objects as well as the dynamic range of body movement. CMA’s contribute to various areas of human development, including leadership development, cross-cultural communications and management, interpersonal skills and conflict management, team development, self-awareness and performance improvement, performing arts as well as movement therapies.

Anchen use the foundation of the Laban approach in her hypothesis that the development of both functional and expressive movement will enhance musical performance. She also centres this on the findings of literature on body movement in the disciplines of music performance, neuroscience, psychology and physiology. With this project she aims to make a scholarly contribution towards raising awareness of the importance of integrating functional and expressive movements in performance.
Anchen also completed her previous music qualifications at the Odeion School of Music where she currently is Officer: Professional Services.