Operation Shanela continues to clean up Free State

PHOTO: 123rf.com

Operation Shanela, an inter-departmental initiative among various law enforcement agencies, continues to tighten the noose on criminal activities. This according to Free State police spokesperson, Sergeant Sinah Mpakane.

During the week of 1 July, police units and multiple stakeholders carried out high-density operations, resulting in the arrest of 546 suspects, including 248 wanted individuals.

Detectives’ efforts also led to the apprehension of 89 suspects for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH), two for attempted murder, nine for rape, and eight for murder.

One of the suspects arrested during Operation Shanela raids. PHOTO: SAPS

“During the operation, 298 suspects were arrested for crimes ranging from illegal immigrants to illicit mining, malicious damage to property, burglary and driving under the influence of alcohol,” stated Mpakane.

“Some of these actions included searches where members visited eight houses in Zastron where they arrested five people with drugs such as crystal meth and also confiscated a pellet gun suspected to be used in the commission of serious crimes,” the spokesperson added.

Police searched six houses in Edenburg, leading to the arrest of two men in possession of drugs. “Drugs such as mandrax and dagga were confiscated,” said Mpakane.

Dagga, mandrax, and money was confiscated by the police. PHOTO: SAPS

In Kroonstad, three people were also arrested for dealing in drugs, here the police confiscated crystal meth.

Confiscated drugs. PHOTO: SAPS

“During the process of this operation, police also confiscated alcohol, ammunition, counterfeit goods, dangerous weapons, drugs, firearms, precious metals, tobacco products, and most importantly, vehicles,” Mpakane added.

All arrested suspects are set to appear in different magistrates’ courts on different days.

“Confiscated firearms will be sent to ballistics to ensure that they were not used in the commission of other crimes,” the spokesperson concluded.

A confiscated weapon. PHOTO: SAPS

Compiled by Warren Hawkins