Open Hands to Serve requests community ‘to open hands’

The ‘home’ of the man assisted by Open Hands to Serve.

The non-profit organisation Open Hands to Serve that was started in May to help out different families during the Covid-19 national lockdown, is now extending their hand in helping more people to live dignified lives.

The organisation is requesting help from community members to assist them to be able to continue doing the work. One of the directors of Open Hands to Serve, Geraint Knight, told Bloemfontein Courant it is his aim to make many changes in the Heidedal community. “So let’s help one another.”

According to Knight, they recently helped an old man who was living on the streets to get into the Omega Old Age Home in Bloemfontein. He explained that one of the volunteers from Open Hands to Serve, Sarah Modise, referred him to this old man, who was staying on the streets and who didn’t have anything, not even an identity document. “We took the initiative to help him get into the Omega Old Age Home and I really am so grateful to the old age home’s committee for helping us give this man a warm place to sleep.”

Knight appealed to the community to assist them to undertake more projects such as the one mentioned above. The organisation is asking for assistance with items of clothing, food and veggies. “At this moment we are not getting any funding from the government. This is why we need support to look after people in need.”

Any person who is able to assist, can contact them on 068-596-6490 or 063-965-4669, or send an email to:

Sazly Hartzenberg