Open Hands to Serve cleans Bfn park

The park in Heidedal before it was cleaned by the children and the NPO.

The non-profit organisation (NPO) Open Hands to Serve was started in May this year after a team had started working together last year, helping out different families during the Covid-19 national lockdown.

According to one of the directors, Margaret Corbel, they received 20 food parcels in April 2020 to be distributed to needy families. They continued this in June, July, August and September but then realised there would be a need in December during Christmas time. They then decided to sell clothes to raise money. “As the need increased, we realised that financially we could not keep up and would need more help. This is how Open Hands to Serve started.”

Corbel told Bloemfontein Courant that since the establishment of this NPO, they have done various projects which include sandwich handouts, school projects, children’s projects and even helped mothers celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

The NPO’s latest project took place on June 16 when they decided to get the children from the area around Daly Street in Heidedal to come along and clean up the nearby park as part of celebrating Youth Day.

“After they had tidied up, we gave them a meal of pap and mince and a packet of popcorn. We encourage them as recipients of our support to do something from their side to help the community.”

The park in Heidedal after it was cleaned by
the children and the NPO.

Corbel said they hope to get some playing equipment for the children to use in the future if they manage to get a sponsor. They also plan to help more families, teach new skills to the youth, hold fundraisers and promote the performing arts.

Sazly Hartzenberg