Ontmoet die nuwe Franzel


Alzane Narrain

Local singing sensation Franzel made her debut in 2011 as the pink-haired girl with the poppy sound. Now she has transformed herself as well as her sound. She’s now a more dynamic musician, positioned firmly in the South African music industry. Her new album, Taal van liefde, is full of surprises, with well-known international hits such as "Everytime we touch" by Cascada that promises to have fans leaping towards the dance floor as well has some Afrikaans treffers like the lyric driven "Laaste trane". Taal van liefde also showcases golden oldies such as Joan Armatrading’s "Drop the pilot" and the classic "Blue Bayou". This is a mature album that deals with the ups and downs of love.

According to Franzal, her new album and look is now more universal. "Hopefully it will reach out to people all around the world. I have come to know myself better and I think people will be able to hear it in my music. I think in my first album I tried to meet my own needs only rather than focussing on building my brand." Rudi Claase is the producer of this album and has helped Franzel transform her brand as well as mentored her to establish the new look and feel of this second album. She also does a duet with him titled "Vir ewig vir jou".

Franzel says that Claase taught her that she must never judge anyone and that she must rather get to know people first. “I struggled a lot with this album and then I heard that Rudi wanted to produce my album. He worked with me day and night as we decided on the songs we wanted.” Taal van liefde was launched in January and is now available at Musica, Look and Listen, and Redstar Talent.