Only goal for J.L.J. was music

From the left are Lincoln Adams, Jameel Abdool and Jaleel Abdool performing at the Pop Bottles 2018.

With passion and a goal set at the age of 13, three young talented rappers have set out to leave their mark in the entertainment industry. South Africa is home to countless rappers, performers, DJs and many more.

Bloemfontein’s Abdool twins, Jameel and Jaleel, together with their best friend, Lincoln Adams, are on the rise and working tirelessly on their sound. The three have worked their way up in the industry to a music video that was featured on Channel O, MTV Base and performing at the Metro FM Heatwave, to performing at top private events.

In an interview with Bloemfontein Courant, 23-year-old Jameel Abdool said the trio was formed in their first year at high school when they decided to partake in a school talent show. “We all had one mindset. Our goal was music and specifically rapping, so we decided to pursue music.” Jameel, who recently completed his B.Com Honours in Marketing at the University of the Free State, described the encouragement from supporters as immense and added that their sound caters to a diverse market.

In 2018 J.L.J. walked away with the Best Search Artist title at the Bloemfontein Pop Bottles and also collaborated with with SAMA nominated group, The Fraternity, on a song called That’s a lot, which has been featured on Channel O and MTV Base. The trio was one of the local headlining acts at the Metro FM Heatwave last year.

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