Only 53% of vacancies at Mangaung Metro filled

The Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality (MMM) is currently operating with just over half of the staff it needs in order to meet service delivery needs in the metro.

This is according to a Financial Recovery Plan devised by the metro to address its financial challenges after the Auditor General, Kimi Makhwetu, revealed earlier this year that Mangaung is ranked among the top 10 municipalities in the country with high irregular expenditure. The report, which was approved by the Mangaung Council in July earlier this year, revealed that the metro currently has 7130 positions, of which only 3771 have been filled.

This means that only 53% of the positions at the metro have been filled and that the metro has a 47% vacancy rate. Among some of the key positions open at the metro are the Chief Risk Officer and more recently, the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), which became vacant in April this year after former CFO, Ernest Mohlahlo, resigned. Mohlahlo’s position has not yet been filled and Kolisang Rapulungoane is currently acting in this position.

The municipality worked with National Treasury on the financial recovery plan, which is expected to chart the path ahead for the metro’s long-term financial sustainability. The municipality aims to strengthen its human resource, governance, and administrative controls, among other measures, as part of this recovery plan. The metro will also look at restructuring its budget, improving current financial management controls as well as reduce expenditure on non-revenue generation activities and focus on seeking alternative revenue creation sources. The metro says it hopes to implement its short-term goals within this regard by 30 June 2019, while it hopes to have implemented its medium to long-term objectives by 30 June 2020 and 30 June 2021, respectively.

Pulane Choane / OFM News