‘On Point’ with their music

Members of On Point Music are from the left: Dumelang "Bondo" Tsepo, Plaatjie Tsepo, Lebogang Sekhutleleng and Neo Molotsi.

Known for its uniqueness and being a dynamic band with flare and energy, catering for all sorts of music lovers, On Point Music is a band like no other, priding itself in mastering the ability to combine the sounds of soul, pop, funk, R&B, gospel, hip hop and house to create a delicious cocktail fusion. The band is also known for its beautiful jazz and timeless ballads. It consists of five members who have all mastered the art of playing a variety of instruments.

Dumelang Tshepo, music director and keys, says that the band is like a family. “Being in this band is life enhancing, the feeling of being in a space where I can express myself through music. On Point Music is a family consisting of fascinating personalities, which is something I consider very rare to come by.”

The band was formed in 2015 and since its conception, it has shared and worked with local and nationally renowned bands and artists. With community development close to their hearts, band members’ work doesn’t end on stage but extends to studio work for young and vocally talented individuals as a contribution to helping the community.

“On Point Music is proud of its outstanding professionalism and individuality and strives to deliver. It has brought a fun, youthful feel to the old classics, which is proving to be the extremely popular with clients looking for a sophisticated bond for their corporate and networking events. Whilst still exceptionally young themselves, the four members have taken the most mature melodic music in the industry,” says Pule Maloleka, manager of On Point Music. For bookings or more, contact Dumelang Tshepo on 067-125-1618. – Pierce van Heerden