Promotion: Olive Ridge School is Education for the Future!


Central South Africa is ideally situated for a school that competes internationally. The fourth industrial revolution will demand internationally competitive skills from our young – skills that are relevant today and in the future.

Edulife Group embarked on a journey driven by the rewards we experienced in education for over 21 years and our love for children. This educational project, which is a first for Bloemfontein, is Olive Ridge School.

Olive Ridge School is a private school opening in January 2020 for Pre-Primary learners from 18 months to Grade R and Junior Preparatory learners from Grade 1. The school is dedicated to preparing our learners for the future, helping them compete internationally and instilling in them the emotional intelligence to cope with the demands of a digital world.  Olive Ridge School has a unique language approach that incorporates early mother-tongue tuition.

The school will use English as the main language of instruction but, will at the same time, provide a blended option to its Sotho and Afrikaans learners in order to bridge any stumbling blocks in their early development if English is not their home language. The school’s cross-curricular approach is exciting. Pre-Primary learners will be introduced to their lifelong learning experience with the International Preschool Curriculum to prepare them for the Junior Preparatory Phase.

In Grade 1, learners can look forward to a blend of the Cambridge International Curriculum, IEB (Independent Examinations Board) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach to prepare them for the future.  Robotics and Coding will form part of our curriculum.

Olive Ridge School is situated on the Wild Olive Estate with proper security and extremely accessible environment from Kenneth Kaunda road in Bloemfontein.  The temporary offices are at 1 Calliope Street, Bloemfontein.

Visit for an application, school fee information, school times, and uniform. Contact details for further information:  051 492 4847