Olive Ridge School Innovation and Online Learning


Offering an international curriculum to our students and delivering high quality education with controlled classrooms in an ever-changing society makes Olive Ridge School in Bloemfontein a very unique school.

The school has many technological advances, state of the art facilities and an expertly designed playground to make each day interesting and fun for learning.  Teachers are qualified and have many years teaching experience in the classroom.

These qualities are all on a parent’s checklist when looking for a school in which to enroll their child, but the true test for success became apparent during the weeks of the National Lock Down to stop the spread of a deadly virus that caused a pandemic.

When the lock down was enforced, this meant that all schools had to close while teachers could not continue with their everyday planning of teaching and assessment.  Learners from Olive Ridge School haven’t taken home any books, stationery or any other resources, seeing that it was also the school holiday.  The teachers found themselves in quite a predicament… How will they continue teaching?  What can they do?  They had to improvise, be very creative and reach all students.

This had to be done while keeping in mind that parents are also working from home or are essential workers and some may not have the time to get around to actually sitting down for a Mathematics lesson.  With all the above in mind, but also so much more, the task was great and the challenge accepted.  Olive Ridge School teachers grabbed the opportunity with both hands, the parents and learners took hands, and together the school came together virtually and academically to open minds and teach hearts.

Researchers define online learning as education that takes place over the internet.  It is often referred to as “e-learning”. Online learning is a type of “distance learning” – the umbrella term for any learning that takes place across distance and not in a traditional classroom.

Olive Ridge School decided to combine three types of distance learning. Correspondence Work, Online Learning and Mobile Learning for the period of the lock down.  This meant that parents were mailed workbooks for each week.  Through online learning and mobile learning, the curriculum was strengthened and the teacher could send videos and links that correlated with the workbook.  The teacher could also schedule Face Time timeslots with each learner to work on the content that was considered focus areas in the curriculum for the term.  Parents were involved and eager to participate and assist where they could.  Olive Ridge School offered tailor made education for the future during a global crisis.

On return to the school when the lock down has ended, the teachers will be able to look back on content they have distributed to the learners and with a good Catch-Up and Contingency Plan, be able to carry on with educating young minds and preparing for future greatness.

Olive Ridge School has an online application system, please visit www.olive-ridge-school.co.za for more information.