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Catherine Dlodlo, OFM News Manager

News junkie, Cathy Drage-Dlodlo, who boasts 25 years’ experience in the journalism industry, has been leading the OFM Newsroom for the past four years, ensuring that world-class news is brought to Central South Africa.

Drage-Dlodlo joined the OFM family in 1997 as reporter/journalist, where she later became assignment editor. After a brief stay, she expanded her wings and worked for multiple media companies in the country, after which she returned “home”.

Drage-Dlodlo, who specialises in investigative journalism and politics, not only runs the OFM newsroom but also provides journalism and media training. She holds motivational talks for a variety of tertiary institutions, community radio stations, public representatives at legislatures, municipalities, non-profitable organisations and schools.

Along with her news team, they bring you news that is relevant, accurate, informative and of public interest. OFM News covers four provinces – the Free State, North West and Northern Cape, as well as a quarter of the Vaal, which includes Gauteng.

“We give our listeners and readers all sides of a story to make it possible for them to form their own opinion. We bring you the news from all angles. We offer fresh news and articles that explain a situation, giving citizens the information they need and which they can proudly share. I, together with my team, set the news agenda for Central SA. We look at our stories, we decide which are priority, how we are going to tackle them, and then we run with them. Our recipe includes having an idea of what our readers like.”

Drage-Dlodlo describes her news team as multi-skilled individuals who think outside the box to help bring OFM exclusive news. The OFM News team have made their mark in the country and have become known for digging deep and uncovering stories.

“I have learned that it is not just about whether you had the story first, but having part of it as exclusive, or thinking of an angle that nobody has previously thought of and which sometimes turns out even bigger than the original story. We have always been very careful to make sure we tick all out boxes, which are simply going back to basics when it comes to journalism. It includes questions such as is your story fair, is it in the interest of the public, have you double checked your sources, etc.”