OFM Signal Disruptions

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

Over the past few weeks, OFM, the sound of your life has increasingly experienced disruptions on its terrestrial radio broadcast.

In order to address our listeners’ concerns, Nick Efstathiou, CEO of the Central Media Group, holding company of OFM, has issued the following statement:

“South Africa is under tremendous strain in the energy sector. For fifteen years, the country has had to deal with the lack of stable electricity supply. And, additionally, we find ourselves paying higher prices for fuel.

“These pressures have placed strain on all economic activity, across many sectors, across South Africa. Broadcasting is not left unscathed. OFM relies on the state owned enterprise, Sentech, for the signal distribution across 20 transmitters in central South Africa. And, OFM is not the only broadcaster that relies on Sentech.

“Loadshedding, unstable power supply and failing infrastructure has left OFM disappointed in the service delivery from this state owned enterprise.

“OFM has engaged with Sentech on numerous occasions over the last few years with frustratingly no movement nor remedy. Meetings held with Sentech included top management, the likes of the Chief Operations Officer and the Operations Executive.

“We feel the frustration of our listeners not being able to listen to their favourite radio station. We will continue to engage Sentech to ensure that the Sound of Your Life continues to broadcast with a high quality content offering and through high quality technology.

“As we continue to engage Sentech, alternative solutions to listening to OFM include the OFM App, available in your operating systems’ app store, online at https://www.ofm.co.za/listenlive, and on OpenView HD channel 604.

“We apologise for the inconvenience. Listeners are welcome to email me – nick@centralmediagroup.co.za or signal@ofm.co.za whenever OFM suffers signal breaks.”