It’s official: Every dog has its day care!

Elsabe van Jaarsveld and her assistant, Anista Els, having the time of their lives with these four-legged fellows at the Canine Canaan Hotel in Bloemfontein. Rakker and Grace are two fellows currently in Elsabe's care that need a new home as they are rescue dogs. If you'd like to take one of them home, contact the Canine Hotel PHOTO: PULANE CHOANE

They say that every dog has its day, but with the growing trend in Bloemfontein of sending your dog to a “crèche” during the day, every dog can now have its daycare!
Whoever said it’s a dogs world had no idea how good the dogs have it at the Canine Kanaan Dog Hotel & Crèche in Heuwelsig, one of a few “doggie day care centres” in Bloemfontein.
These four-legged visitors have a lush garden to play in, a secure yard, their own wet-resistant beds with their own double-layered customised fleece blankets, they are cared for constantly and get to be fed some of the best food money can buy – all while enjoying the companionship of their canine friends.
The owner of the facility, Elsabe van Jaarsveldt, has made a concerted effort to make sure that everything – from her car’s registration plates to the paint on her wall – reflects her dedication and a lifelong passion for dogs. “No one will ever be able to do what I do unless they have a passion for dogs,” she says. Although running after over ten dogs a day gets tiring, it’s all in a day’s work for Van Jaarsveldt, as she says she cannot imagine herself doing anything else. Having started the facility in 2002, she has now been in the business for over fifteen years and says she has learned over the years that each dog has its day (pun intended) and each has its own personality. She also knows every dog she has ever had to take care of by its name and is able to recognise it even when she sees it at the vet, park or external environment.
She is helped by her assistant, Anista Els, and her helper, Maria Mfebe, who both share her passion for the dogs and look and clean after them. While Van Jaarsveldt is an avid dog lover, she does place a limit on the dogs, many of them mutts, she takes in. “I only take in small breeds. The rate per day is also according to a dog’s body weight.” She also has strict rules on the health of the dogs she takes in. “I always want the vet card to show me whether a dog has had its annual vaccinations or not. They must be up to date too, and if not, uh-uh, TROUBLE,” she says.
Van Jaarsveld also takes in rescue dogs and finds them suitable homes because she believes no dog should suffer and every dog deserves a good home. Her hotel and crèche is currently home to various dog breeds belonging to clients from all over South Africa who trust her with their tail-wagging best friends. She also says the saddest part of her day is at the end of the day when the dogs must go home to their owners. Often the pets share her pain when they run and wonder off into the garden or some other place to stall this process.
If you ever need a place to keep your pup safe while you’re out at work or shopping or even travelling, contact the Canine Kanaan Dog Hotel and Crèche at 051-431-8431 or on 072-116- 9194. – Pulane Choane