Odendaalsrus SAPS pray for a safe, free and fair election

Colonel Mkhumbeni dancing during praise.

With the National Elections just around the corner, different stakeholders, together with Odendaalsrus SAPS, held a prayer service and scripture reading for the upcoming election which will be held on the 08 May 2019.

Social Crime Prevention Unit Commander, Captain Modisana Semela, and his team deemed it fit to call the community and stake holders such as Department of Health, Correctional Services, IEC, CPF, foreign national chairperson and Traffic to the prayer service at Kutlwanong Community hall in Odendaalsrus.

Colonel Mkhumbeni addressing the audience

According to colonel Thenjiwe Mkhumbeni, Station Commander of Odendaalsrus Police Station, they are looking forward and are ready for the upcoming elections. “We as Odendaalsrus SAPS are praying for safe, free and fair election.” Mkhumbeni appealed to the community to help curb crime during Easter holidays and Election Day. She encouraged community to report any suspicious criminal activities that might happen during these two occasions.

At the event, which was held on 10 April 2019 at 10:00, Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Ceba Crime Prevention Commander gave safety tips to the community. He said people must always be on the lookout, especially when they are leaving residential places.

According to a statement, several cases of house and business robberies were reported, and in most instances the suspects are not yet known. Several cases of rape, assaults, both common and GBH, which are mostly domestic related, murders and carjacking were reported. The above mentioned crimes are actually stubborn crimes but together more can be done about eradicating criminal acts within residential areas. Sternly warned residents that they must be careful as criminals might take advantage of these two coming Easter and Election holidays.