Nyembe passionate about fine art

Nyembe also customises shoes and ceramics. PHOTO: LEBAKENG NKABI

Bekker Stephen Nyembe drew his first picture while he attended Thari ya tshepe Primary School in L-section, Botshabelo.

Today Nyembe is a N6 qualified fine art professional artist who commands respect. After he matriculated at Senakangwadi Senior Secondary, Nyembe attended art classes at Motheo TVET College in Bloemfontein in 2014.

Nyembe (right) with Botshabelo artist, Pesa Pheko. PHOTO: LEBAKENG NKABI

“That is where I met my instructor, Mr Mokhotloane. My technique has improved with his help. I do all kinds of fine art, including paintings, shoes and ceramics customisation, and drawing.

“I am an introvert, so when I do art, I feel free. It gives me a chance to escape from everyday life into a creative space. I have recently moved from Botshabelo to Bloemfontein to pursue every opportunity so that my work could get the recognition it deserves. I have done portraits for many people such as Botshabelo artist, Pesa Pheko, as well as friends and family, ” he said.

Nyembe makes a living by selling his paintings. When he is not painting, he helps to sharpen the skills of pupils in his community.

Nyembe can be contacted on 078-921-0209. He is also on WhatsApp. – Lebakeng Nkabi