Nyedimane wins unique double

Chabeli Nyedimane won a unique double on Saturday by winning the Caste Lite Trail League Happy Valley event as well as the Pentagon Pistols 12.25km Charity Run PHOTO: MORGAN PIEK

Chabeli Nyedimane and Paulina Njeya once again reaffirmed their dominance of the 2016 Castle Lite Trail Running League in Bloemfontein.

Saturday morning saw Nyedimane claim a unique double in the City of Roses by winning the men’s open event at Happy Valley just hours after winning the 12.25km Pentagon Pistols Charity Race.

Nyedimane tamed the very technical and challenging 10km Happy Valley course in 34:04 to win his fourth consecutive event in the series and now is seemingly unbeatable in the series with one event remaining.

Wilfred Leeuw who won the opening event of the series at Wild Olive Estate in June, followed Nyedimane across the line in second while the first time trail runner, Pule Hlabadlaba, ran an exceptional race himself to complete the podium.

Nyedimane won his earlier race in 29:20.

Jayme-Sue Vermaas (left) and Paulina Njeya going head-to-head at Happy Valley PHOTO: MORGAN PIEK
Jayme-Sue Vermaas (left) and Paulina Njeya going head-to-head at Happy Valley PHOTO: MORGAN PIEK

The women’s open race proved to be another thrilling affair and at the halfway mark it was a two horse race between Njeya and the young triathlete, Jayme-Sue Vermaas.

The pair ran neck-and-neck with neither prepared to give an inch well into the second 5km lap.

Ultimately Njeya’s experience kicked in and shifted gears to outpace Vermaas to the finish. It was almost déjà vu’ we one looks back to the Brandkop event when the exact same story unfolded.

Njeya crossed the finish line in a blistering 43:59 to win her win firth consecutive race in the series, and this is a pretty remarkable feat taking into account that the series opener was only first ever trail race.

Vermaas crossed the line in second, while Leana Esterhuysen claimed third overall.
The 2016 Castle Lite Trail League concludes next month with the final event at Wild Olive Estate. – MORGAN PIEK