NWU Mafikeng Campus has started with exams

North West University says students at the Mafikeng campus have started with their exams/supplied

Examinations are in full swing, having started at the North West University (NWU) Mafikeng Campus yesterday.

According to spokesperson Koos Degenaar, some students have written their first paper, of which one is an aligned module.  He said other programmes that will be written this week are certain accounting modules subject to statutory body requirements and the National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE).

“These modules have fixed dates which cannot be extended. The rest of the student populace will start writing on 29 October.  The examinations were postponed to allow students to make up for lost time to ensure that assignments and tests will be completed and that all students will have a participation mark,” he explained.

Degenaar further explained that to ensure a safe environment for everyone, a high security presence will be maintained on campus.

Statement issued by the NWU Mafikeng Campus.