Nurses call for safe driving


SABRINA DEAN – South Africa’s nurses are urging holiday goers to travel safely and responsibly this festive season as there are not enough health workers to deal with an increased number of accidents.
The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) says most nurses are stationed at urban health care facilities, with only about 20 percent deployed to rural facilities. However, spokesperson Sibongeseni Delihlazo says many people leave the urban areas to go home around this time of year, which already causes a higher workload for nurses before even bringing accidents into the equation:
"Most accidents tend to happen on those long roads far from health care facilities, mostly in rural areas," he says.
According to Delihlazo, this in turn tends to put even more pressure on the resources in those rural areas. "You find that very few nurses are on duty and they are looking after patiets from that community, now because of these accidents the situation tends to worsen," he says.
Delihlazo also thanked those nurses who are on duty for sacrificing their time with family to take care patients.