Northern Cape rapist gets two life sentences



The second Northern Cape serial rapist was sentenced on Tuesday for two life sentences.

The provincial National Prosecution Authority (NPA) spokesperson Mashudu Malabi says a 32-year-old man appeared in the De Aar Regional Court for his sentence. She says the first provincial serial rapist is 21-year-old man who raped five women in Carnarvon and was declared a dangerous criminal.

Malabi says between 2010 and 2011 the 32-year-old raped his foster mother, niece, 39-year-old woman and assaulted a female relative with a spade.

“He is being sentenced to a first count of rape and two counts of assault. The court magistrate handed down two life sentences on two counts of rape until count five. That means that he will be in prison for 25 years and he has added another 10 years on top of that,” she says.

Malabi says forensic expert Almarie Myburgh has given evidence that all serial rapists cannot stay in a society because they always repeat the same offence. She says especially during women’s month, the NPA hopes this sentencing will warn all rapists and women abusers.