No space for Kunene’s party in the Cape



Politics between the ANC and DA are extremely complicated in the Western Cape Province.

Political analyst Theo Venter says he doubts there is any room for other smaller political parties in the highly contested province. His response follows the launch of the new political party, the Patriotic Alliance in Cape Town this weekend by businessmen and socialites Kenny Kunene and Gayton Mackenzie.

Venter says the emergence of the party is an interesting occasion and surprised everyone that it was launched in Cape Town. He says it’s more surprising that one of its leaders, Kenny Kunene was a prominent member of Julius Malema’s party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Venter says after Kunene had joined the EFF, media speculations surfaced that his past didn’t make things easier for him.
“The question is why he would establish a political against the ANC, if threats from the ANC made him withdrew from the EFF in the first place. We don’t have clear answers to those actions, except to say I don’t see this Patriotic Alliance going very far,” he says.

Venter says it’s important for new political parties to start getting their structures, funding and logistics sorted before next year’s elections. He says the PA might join the ANC or another political party, closer to elections but don’t see them joining the EFF.