No more stress about parking

The new parking garage at Medi Clinic Bloemfontein

Mediclinic Bloemfontein opened their brand new parking garage today after months of construction. This parking garage is sure to make the lives of many motorists visiting the hospital much easier. The five-storey garage consists of 720 parking bays, which are open for public use as from today.

“We have been in need for parking for many years. Not only for visitors and patients, but also for our staff, which consists of 1500 people who have been parking at Mimosa Mall,” said Barbara Steenkamp, Patient Experience Manager at Mediclinic Bloemfontein.

From the left are Hennie Coetzee, Project Manager (Mediclinic); Carl Bührmann, General Manager (Mediclinic); Stefan van Zyl, Contract Manager (Medicclinic) from Sky Construction; Bernard Haasbroek,, Managing Director of Sky Construction and Poon Pieterse, Technical Manager of Mediclinic

According to Steenkamp, the general parking has not been filled to capacity every day since Covid-19 but most days in the past people had to park elsewhere instead of on the hospital grounds.

“We are aiming, through the availability of this garage, to tend to the need for sufficient parking when visiting the hospital for our patients, clients, visitors, as well as staff members,” she said.

Carl Bührmann, General Manager of Mediclinic Bloemfontein welcomed everyone present and explained how the entrance and exit of the garage looked, and what the garage consisted of, including the two access lanes leading into the parking garage from Third Avenue and three exit lanes leading into Kellner Street which are expected to assist in the flow of traffic, whilst entering, as well as when leaving the hospital.

Two Schindler lifts and parking space for disabled users are also available for public use – which is in accordance with health regulations to ensure access for every patient, visitor as well as staff member.

The six pay stations that are available will ensure that no time is lost while waiting for an opportunity to pay your ticket.

The General Manager, Project Manager as well as the developers of the garage from Sky Construction were present at the opening of the Mediclinic Bloemfontein parking garage.

Heidre Malgas