No injuries in fire at Bfn fast food outlet

Mangaung Fire and Rescue Services’ prompt response saved the store from a possible gas explosion. Credit: Pierce van Heerden

A fire which broke out this morning at a fast food outlet in Bloemfontein’s Central Business District was promptly contained by the Mangaung Fire and Rescue Services (MFRS). No one was injured in the fire.

Fire wreckage remnants. Credit: Pierce van Heerden

According to Judy Scheepers, Assistant Divisional Officer at MFRS, the fire started in the kitchen at the Stadium Foods Court in Saint Andrews Street. “When we arrived at the scene, all personnel were already out of the store. There were six gas cylinders in the building, which we found as we entered the building from the back entrance. The cylinders were hot from the fire and we quickly removed them from the store, after which we extinguished the fire,” Scheepers said.

Four of the six gas cylinders that were reportedly removed from the Stadium Fast Foods building in Bloemfontein’s CBD. Credit: Pierce van Heerden

The fire rescue team proceeded to ventilate the outlet as well as other businesses which are situated in the same building. “Besides the smoke, it is safe for the people start going back into the building,” she said. She said that she believes the fire was caused by the stoves in the kitchen. “I am just not sure how exactly it started — whether it was an electrical shortage or the oil pumps,” Scheepers concluded.