No flamingos at Kamfers Dam

Kamfers Dam

The Kamfers Dam, known as one of three South African breeding sites for the lesser flamingo in Kimberly, currently resembles a dry flatland, with no sight of these birds that attract tourists.

According to the Sol Plaatje Municipality’s spokesperson, Sello Matsie, water levels at the dam, have decreased drastically following a breakdown of water supply pipes. The Sol Plaatje Municipality has declared the situation at the dam as a threat to the provincial eco-tourism.

Matsie says the municipality is currently working on the water pipeline to supply water to the dam. He says they expect the repairs of pipelines to be done in at least two month from now.

“The pump is working, the problem lies with the pipeline. At the moment the major problem is that once we start pumping water, the sewage will spill into neighbouring townships” said Matsie.

“The pan receives water from three sources such as the home based waste water treatment plant and the rain, but at the moment the dam is running dry because of the breakdown of pipes and the lack of rain”. Matsie says the municipality regards the Kamfers Dam as a key tourist feature and hopes as soon as they have pumped water into the dam, the flamingos will return as they are migratory birds.

He says the breakdown of water supply pipes from the Goga Pump station towards the waste water treatment plant contributed to less water being deposited to the dam.  He adds that the level of water at the Vaal River has also declined by 30%, which added to the current state of drought in the province.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News