No consequences for poor performance and corrupt government employees



The government’s biggest challenge is that there are no consequences for poor performance and corrupt practices.

Association of Public Accounts Committees (APAC) calls upon the Premier of the Free State Ace Magashule and all MEC’s to do deal with all public servants who violate the legislations. APAC’s Derrick Ngobeni was speaking during a media briefing on Wednesday.

Ngobeni also mentioned that public servants that run their private businesses during working hours are going to be stopped. He says it is an illegal practice for government employees to do remunerative work outside without permission. Ngobeni says it is a conflict of interest where people submit their tender documents during working hours.

“When do these employees get the chance to do their actual work if they are busy focusing on their private jobs? It is happening in other provinces as well, this practice must come to an end. We also know that these public servants also use public resources. They are the first to arrive at work and use the office space for their private businesses,” he says.

Ngobeni also revealed that the 2011/12 financial year of the Free State administration experienced approximately 51 million of unauthorized expenditure, 3 billion of irregular expenditure and 30 million as fruitless and wasteful expenditure. He says this is an unacceptable rate.