Nine teens arrested for alleged murder in Welkom

All nine suspects will appear before the Welkom Magistrates' Court on a charge of murder.

Nine teenagers have been arrested by police in Welkom for an alleged murder following conflict between a group of boys from G-Hostel and Moeletsi Hostel who attacked boys at A-Hostel on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 at about 19:00, and resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy.

Welkom Public Order Police (POP) Reaction Team (Anti-Gang Unit) received information about the murder on Wednesday at about 04:00 am. Police state that they immediately followed up the tip which resulted in the arrests of four boys aged 18, three are aged 19, one aged 17 and another one aged 16.

Police also found dangerous weapons including wooden sticks and sjamboks were confiscated. “The conflict emanated when a group of teenage boys from G-hostel and Moeletsi hostel were fighting with boys from A-hostel in Constantia Road in the vicinity of A-hostel. Unfortunately, the deceased, a 16-year-old Ayabonga Nomana of Moeletsi Hostel succumbed to his injuries. He sustained stab wounds to the chest and lacerations on the back and right arm. The deceased fell in Constantia Road next to A Hostel. None of the boys belong to any of the gangs,” said police spokesperson Colonel Thandi Mbambo.

All nine suspects will appear before the Welkom Magistrates’ Court on a charge of murder. Other suspects reportedly involved in the fight, are on the run and their arrest is imminent.

Mbambo added that the motive of the fight has not been identified yet, however police investigations continue.