Nigerian man cought with 67 stolen cell phones


Alzane Narrain

Navalsig Police arrested a 28-year-old Nigerian national who was in possession of sixty-seven stolen cell phones.

Free state police Spokesperson, Wendy Nkabi, says police acted on a tip off and arrested the man on the N1 oustide Bloemfontein.

“The suspect’s vehicle was stopped and searched. Sixty-seven cellphones were found in his possession. Police took him to his place of residence where ten more cellphones were discovered. The cellphones were seized and he was arrested and charged with possession of suspected stolen property,” says Nkabi.

According to Nkabi, the man’s 21-year-old wife went to the police station later that day to see her husband and also realised that her phone was stolen as well.

“It is believed that prostitutes stole the cellphones from their clients and sold it to the suspect. The suspect then took the cellphones to Johannesburg for unknown reasons,” explains Nkabi.

People whose cellphones were stolen are urged to contact the Navalsig Police station with the IMEI number of the phone or proof of purchase.