New words for Oxford South African Dictionary


Quite a few new words have been added to the Oxford South African Pocket Dictionary’s fourth edition.

Phillip Louw from Oxford University Press Southern Africa said they went through a technological process in selecting the new words. He said they have access to massive databases of international English and Oxford University.

“Not only is the dictionary completely up to date in both universal English, like Bollywood, unfriend, cosplay, textspeak, witchetty grub, and South African English, which incorporates key CAPS curriculum terms too like aquaculture and covalent bond. The dictionary also sports loan words from other indigenous languages such as izinyoka, loskop, mahala, morabaraba and zama zama. There are also words that only have meaning within a South African culture, e.g. crown birthday, lolly lounge, tenderpreneur, etoll, flippen, gees, whoonga and zef,” he said.

Louw said a dictionary is normally updated every five to seven years and their last edition was in 2002. He, however, explained that some updates which usually include online publications, are on a quarterly, yearly or even monthly basis as language evolves on a daily basis.

The new fourth edition dictionary is available from leading bookstores across the country for R250.