New Waste Collection Schedule- Bloemfontein South (Township)


The city notes the concerns that have been raised by residents of Mangaung with regard to inconsistencies of waste collection in the metro. To date, we have managed to stabilize collection in 6 of the 7 collection areas on collection days, except on some odd days where we would normally collect on weekends.

Our biggest challenge has, however, been the south of Bloemfontein, popularly known as Mangaung township due to resource challenges. Working together with all internal
stakeholders, management and employees, we have redrawn the collection schedule of the south to fit the available limited resources of the city.

The new schedule as reflected below, shall be piloted from the 19th of August. The other schedules remain as is, and we shall continue to stabilize collection on collection days. Residents of Mangaung will be kept abreast of any developments as we pilot this schedule.